Hannah Helmke

Hannah Helmke has an academic background in Psychology and International Business. Her focus on economic activity in a world affected by climate change was the result of combining both disciplines. For the past few years, Hannah has been pursuing her conviction that a science-based approach to climate management is the correct way for managing corporate climate strategy. Before founding right. based on science, she worked for the IT service provider BridgingIT and the Deutsche Post DHL Group. There she explored the potentials of digitalization for reaching sustainability targets and worked on introducing science-based targets as reporting instruments.

Her thoughts on the question if Tech can save the world are “Don’t mess with mother nature, she will always win. Tech is helping us to better understand the full scope of nature’s strength but also vulnerability, and to be humble. So, yes – tech can save the world.”

“The role of Information Technology in steering companies towards a 2°C world” – Impulse Session

Together with her colleague Dr. Pellegrino, she will give you some insight in an Impulse Sessions on how her company, right. based on science, tries to improve the world. The focus will be on technical details of their software and they will share background information on the foundation process of a start-up in the sustainability-tech-field.

This Talk will be held in English. For more English-language talks, check out this overview.