Dr. Jacopo Pellegrino

Jacopo Pellegrino has an academic background in Physics of Advanced Technologies and Complex Systems. That is combined with experience in the field of IT management developed both during his PhD and his work in international companies. Before joining right. based on science as Director of Information Management Systems, he worked as contract professor at the University of Turin and as modelling engineer for spacecraft simulations. In this context, he became convinced that the use of models is getting more and more important to investigate and improve real systems.

He thinks about Tech saving the world that “We cannot play with the nature, but with models we can. Tech enables us to study, investigate, understand and learn from our mistakes so that we can improve our interaction with the environment and eventually save the world.”

“The role of Information Technology in steering companies towards a 2°C world” – Impulse Session

Together with his colleague Ms. Helmke, he will give you some insight in an Impulse Sessions on how right. based on science tries to improve the world. The focus will be on technical details of their software and they will share background information on the foundation process of a start-up in the sustainability-tech-field.