Dr. Michael Lemke

SpecialitySenior Technology Principal (ICT) @ Huawei

5G Data Security

What happens to your mobile data when your phone talks to Huawei’s 5G receiver? Can the Chinese state read along? In a lively moderated discussion, Dr. Michael Lemke will answer questions on this controversial topic.

Data security is the trust fundament for the digitalization. The recent legislation in Germany with the IT SiG 2.0 provides the framework addressing security risks in a reasonable, factual and manageable manner and rises the bar for the secured use of 5G for everybody.

Huawei contributed and contributes a lot to the 5G technology development and the security standardization in particular and is committed to enable network operators trustworthy 5G services.

Dr. Michael Lemke is Senior Technology Principal (ICT), HUAWEI Deutschland. He has 29+ years’ experience in wireless communication and ICT across all aspects: R&D, product management,

marketing, business development, technology innovations, government relations, regulations etc.

After completing his Ph.D. in nuclear physics at the Technical University Dresden (1992), Michael joined Siemens R&D, followed by product management positions for mobile data services, mobile internet, and network security. He led the international LTE qualification program on behalf of Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks.

In 2007, Michael joined Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH, for the LTE technology and product management, wireless marketing and mobile broadband business development across Europe. Michael joined the Huawei Deutsche Telekom Key Account Department as head of wireless marketing in 2010.

Since 2016, Michael supports the Huawei Germany head-office as senior technology principal for all ICT topics with special emphasis on national broadband, digitalization (e.g. connected car, Industry 4.0, IOT, spectrum regulation, 5G, artificial intelligence), cyber security regulation and sustainability.

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