Matthias Scholz

SpecialitySenior Manager @ BearingPoint

Data Driven Production Management within the Service Sector


Over the past few years, we experienced several trends which will impact the future of work in the financial service sector: Customers demand real-time services, employees place significantly more value on personal development, and financial institutions strive for an ever increasing degree of automation. The combination as well as the maturity of these trends consequently lead to a paradigm-shift in working patterns. To ensure a balanced business environment, it is our responsibility to design this future today. Throughout the presentation we will highlight potential cornerstones of this design.


“With big data comes big responsibility” – responsibility is not just about maximizing benefits, but also about finding balance. Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create through discovery, failure, and improvement.

Matthias Scholz is Senior Manager in Financial Services and part of the BearingPoint team since 2008.
In addition to his professional expertise as a banker since 1998, he provides a solid methodological foundation in process optimization and -design. In recent years, his teams and projects focus on the optimization, digitalization and automation of a broad variety of banking processes.

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