Kathrin Rose

SpecialitySenior Software Developer @ Optalio GmbH

Kathrin Rose is a mathematician and specialized in machine learning algorithms such as neuronal networks. During her time as a student at Goethe University she worked in a mathematician consulting company where she did data engineering and data science. At Optalio she is now the senior software developer and responsible for data analytics, software testing and product development.
Optalio is a start-up which is driven by the idea of digitalization and automation for small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector.

I believe that German companies need to be strongly involved in fighting climate crisis and need a good strategy to take the chances of the fourth industrial revolution.

She thinks that small and medium-sized companies should be empowered to use their data treasure by giving them smart software solutions which are easy to integrate and use. Companies must have the capability to reduce emissions, the very first step is to have the transparency where the biggest pain points are.

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