Jörg Hellwig

SpecialityChief Digital Officer @ LANXESS

Data & Domain Knowledge — The Transformation of the Chemical Industry

How can you be a Corporate Executive and startup founder at the same time? In his talk, Jörg will talk about his dual experience as the Chief Digital Officer of a large Corporation and a successful startup founder. He will explain how digitalization and his efforts at LANXESS and CheMondis have started to transform the Chemical Industry and why the combination of data and specific domain knowledge is key for success.

Data enables us to make better and faster decisions, generate ideas, open up new opportunities and become even more innovative. We will intensify the use of technology to achieve our sustainability goals faster and better.

Jörg Hellwig is Chief Digital Officer at LANXESS, where he is responsible for the digital transformation of the M-DAX company. This includes digitizing production and introducing new technologies and systems across all value chains, as well as promoting the value of data as an institutional asset. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is used to increase development speed and sustainability, and new modern work methodologies are piloted. Jörg founded the start-up CheMondis and turned it into the most successful digital marketplace in the chemical industry. Before taking on the role of CDO, Jörg held global roles for LANXESS, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES and BAYER — including many years abroad in the US and India.


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