Ekrem Namazci

SpecialityData & AI Lead @ Microsoft and Co-Founder of GDEXA

AI for Good – How technology can impact human and nature

Are AI robots going to take over the world or helping us to make this world a better place? This session will take you to a journey where the hidden potential of technology will be demystified based on real use cases of AI for human, earth, health and cultural heritage.


Growing up as a child of a Turkish working-class family in Germany, Ekrem has always shaped his spirited multi-cultural personality throughout his global work-life experience.
After spending 5 years in Asia, where he has built-up 2 subsidiaries from scratch, he has been hired in June 2019 by Microsoft for the Data & AI product sales leadership role for strategic customers in Germany.
Prior to his actual role, Ekrem started his professional career in 2002 as a high-school graduate in the public sector, where he worked as an IT Consultant for the Ministry of Environment North Rhine-Westphalia.
He subsequently held management positions at SAP, insightsoftware and SNP – always empowering enterprise customers with modern software solutions around business intelligence and big data analytics.
Besides, his free time belongs to the EdTech start-up GDEXA, where he acts as co-founder and leading force of the free global mentorship program for students and young professionals.
As a lifelong learner, he is proud of making-up his Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2017 from the Singapore Management University in conjunction with Wharton Business School (Philadelphia), Peking University and Indian School of Business (Hyderabad).

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