Dr. Christian Rockstroh

SpecialityLead Data Scientist @ Siemens Mindsphere Application Center for the Internet of Energy

Why secure, accessible and meaningful data are essential for a successful energy transition?


  • IoT and Big Data will play a major role for the energy transition, e.g., predictive maintenance for transformers, readiness of energy grids for renewables and e-mobility.
  • New innovations will require highest level of cybersecurity, data privacy but still allow to generate powerful AI models in the edge and cloud.
  • We at Siemens reduce the entry barriers for new innovations by providing creators/students a secure and powerful environment where we take care of these topics.

The energy transition requires us to speed up innovation by supporting creators with easy access to Big Data, AI and IoT.


  • Leading our data science and IoT projects to support customers in tackling the energy transition with latest technology.
  • Working in Technology for >10 years and love bringing digitalization, business models, architecture and data science together. Started my career as a data scientist doing predictive healthcare for pacemakers and predictive maintenance for large medical devices. As an Engagement Manager for McKinsey Digital’s Digital&CIO advisory and as a Business Manger to CIO Telefonica Germany, I learned that the promises of data science and technology are empty, if we can’t transform organizations, people’s lives, find viable business models and create scalable software architectures.


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