Dr. Armin Müller

SpecialityDirector of Analytics and Data Science @ Lidl

The retail business faces a rapidly changing environment. In order to stay on top, companies must leverage the opportunities stemming from data-driven decision-making. Lidl Analytics supports other business units to improve business processes and take better strategic decisions. This talk will give insights on Lidl Analytics’ work including project examples, that solve real world problems.

In order to unearth the data treasure that lies within a company, Data Science projects need to be carried out with a beneficial purpose in mind.

As Director of Analytics and Data Science at Lidl, Armin is responsible for analytics use cases at Lidl International’s buying and HR departments. Armin also leads Lidl’s analytics training program spreading analytical knowledge throughout the organization. He’s responsible for a team of 10 data scientists.
Prior to joining Lidl, Armin worked at McKinsey & Co. as an Analytics Specialist, helping organizations from various industries with analytics transformations and end-to-end use case implementation. Also, he supported several financial institutions on a broad field of additional topics.



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