Arjen Vrielink

SpecialityCo-Founder @ Satelligence

With the unprecedented availability of satellite data, low-level access to unlimited computing power and AI and Machine Learning techniques, data-driven decisions have become a reality; what is often overlooked though is the (unintended?) side-effect of depoliticizing decision making. Data is declared ‘neutral’, complex human behaviour is reduced to 1-dimensional indices and solutionist, elitist attitudes lead to the illusion of being able to deliver ‘insights’. This talk gives an overview of the current status in satellite data and AI processing capabilities and investigates the fallacies that come with the introduction of every new technology.

Decision making should be in the political domain, not in the technological domain.

After graduating from Wageningen University in 2001, Arjen started as a radar remote sensing specialist. In 2007 he decided to move on and worked in various companies and positions in the Remote Sensing, consultancy and IT industries; roles include Remote Sensing specialist, GIS programmer, technical consultant, scrum master and product owner. In 2017 he joined Satelligence as a co-founder. Satelligence is a fast-growing Satellite and AI company providing turnkey solutions in biodiversity, deforestation & carbon monitoring. As a director at Satelligence, Arjen focuses on operations, R&D and product development. Arjen is an avid blogger and inspiring speaker.

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