Dr. Garrett Grolemund

Garrett is the author of Hands-On Programming with R and co-author of R for Data Science and R Markdown: The Definitive Guide. He is a Data Scientist at RStudio and holds a Ph.D. in Statistics, but specializes in teaching. He’s taught people how to use R at over 50 government agencies, small businesses, and multi-billion dollar global companies; and he’s designed RStudio’s training materials for R, Shiny, R Markdown and more. Garrett wrote the popular lubridate package for dates and times in R and creates the RStudio cheat sheets.

“Reproducibility crisis in science and the technical solution to it” – Impulse Session

This talk will explain how data got science into the reproducibility crisis, and how data—with the help of tech—will get science back out. A little bit of data made scientists complacent, which brought disaster. But as the amount of data grew it forced scientists to use code to manage it. Code is solving the reproducibility crisis, almost as an afterthought; but code is also doing much more. By entering science, code has entered everyday life, and it is ushering in a revolution comparable to that started by Guttenburg’s printing press. Code-backed documents—documents that can run commands—will change how we communicate, do business, and learn about the world.

This Talk will be held in English. For more English-language talks, check out this overview.